Texas educator uses dance, popular music to teach science to students

A Texas middle school teacher is using a unique method to keep her students focused during her science classes.

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Instead of cracking the books to memorize formulas, earth science and astronomy, students in Lea McFarthing's sixth-grade class learn through singing and dancing, KSAT reported.

“If they can learn the lyrics to Cardi B, then they can definitely learn about potential kinetic energy through music, too,” McFarthing, who teaches at the IDEA Harvey E. Najim school in San Antonio, told the television station.

So far, the science students appear to be in their element when it comes to learning.

McFarthing took over as a science teacher in September and decided to go outside the box to connect with her students, KSAT reported.

“My goal was to make it fun for them," McFarthing told the television station. "I have talked to several parents, and they’re all, like, they talk about science all the time now. I even sent links of the songs that I use to parents, so that way they can do it at home, as well."

Popular music was not the only avenue to learning. McFarthing challenged her students to create their own music.

"I just thought to myself: 'Hey, I like rapping. I love science in my school. Put it together!'" Nyla Ellis, 11, told KSAT.

McFarthing's students are no longer blinded by science. The teacher told the television station the song-and-dance method has led to higher test scores.

"(In) our Unit 2 test, we ranked, I think it was number five. But our last test, we made our mark, and we hit number one," McFarthing told KSAT. "Number one out of 96 schools."

Najim Principal Theresa Hall has noticed the improvement, too.

"I can say that since Mrs. McFarthing took over in mid-September, the children are always talking about science. They love going to class and it's just full of joy. So, yeah, it worked out well," Hall told KSAT.

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