That hurt: Errant pass by Notre Dame QB breaks nose of Louisville dance team member

Monday was a bad night for the University of Louisville football team, and it was even worse for one of the school's dance team members.

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Notre Dame defeated the Cardinals 35-17, which was bad enough for Louisville fans. But a pass thrown far out of bounds by Fighting Irish quarterback Ian Book hit Ladybirds dance team member Elizabeth Scott in the face, breaking her nose, WDRB reported.

"Thank u Ian Book," Scott tweeted late Monday night.

The film clip of Scott vainly trying to cover her face as the ball hit her immediately became an overnight internet sports sensation.

"My broken nose is twitter trending huh," Scott tweeted just after midnight Tuesday.

The play evoked memories of the Marcia Brady "Oh, my nose" meme on Twitter.

Despite the injury, Scott remained upbeat.

"Well, my nose is crooked but I'll always have a good story to tell," Scott wrote on Twitter, punctuating her situation with a SpongeBob meme.

The best response, however, came from one social media poster, who tweeted, "To be fair she was open."

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