Thief breaks into home, only steals family dog

A Newton family says their home was broken into on Friday, but the most bizarre part of the theft is that the burglar only took one thing from the house -- the family's dog.

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The situation has the family wondering who would've done something like this, and what their motivations may have been. They are now offering a large reward for whomever can bring their beloved dog back home.

"My kids are having a hard time, and it's Christmas, it's around Christmas. I don't understand why would anyone do this," said Vanessa Kelly. "This dog is not just a dog, he's part of our family. He's like a child. He's my child."

Home is not the same for this family now that their 1-year-old, 10-pound Havanese dog is missing.

Vanessa Kelly and Andres Zuneiga say they discovered their dog Maxi was gone when they came home on Friday and he didn't come to the door.

Their other dogs, they say, looked shaken up -- one was acting shy and vomiting --when they discovered footprints in the back yard and a screen door that had been tampered with.

They believe the thieves came in through the back and went out the front. Neighbors told them they saw two young men chasing the dog down the block and a suspicious car nearby.

"I don't feel safe in my own house. I mean they came in and stole our little dog. It's unbelievable," Zuneiga said.

The couple says they don't know why someone would've targeted them, but they find it suspicious that the thieves took nothing but the dog.

The family says that, regardless of why someone would want to take their dog, they just want their family member back, and they're willing to pay.

"We are holding onto hope, we're offering a high reward. If this was a joke, it's fine. We understand. We won't present charges. Just bring our dog back and let's move on," Kelly and Zuneiga said.

Newton Police are aware of the theft and are investigating this puzzling incident.

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