Thieves steal wheelchair from woman with cerebral palsy

Rayquetta Lawrence is confident, independent and was planning to start taking college classes in January.

A cousin helped the 19-year-old with cerebral palsy get a job just a few days ago at Sam’s Club, according to WITI.

She was getting ready for work Monday and took her special powered wheelchair down the steps and into her front yard behind a fence. When she came back outside the wheelchair was gone.

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"This is like them taking my legs away,” Lawrence told WDJT. “How you guys walk, my power chair is like my legs to me. This is my legs to me, and when my power chair got stolen it's like now I can't walk. Now I'm not able to do anything i was able to do”

She filed a police report; however, there have not been any leads. She started a GoFundMe to help pay to replace the wheelchair. She has raised more than $5,000, enough to replace the chair.

“This situation has changed my life in the worst way at first,” Lawrence wrote Friday on her GoFundMe. “All of your comments, prayers, support and donations has flip my situation into feeling positive. I feel that no matter how much bad that goes on in this world, there is good.”

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