Toddler 'fighting for her life' after being left in car for 3 hours

A 14-month-old girl is fighting for her life after police said she was left in a hot car alone for about three hours Thursday.

WIAT reported that the father said he dropped off the girl's mother at work and then drove to his own place of work.

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WBRC reported that the father told police he forgot the child was in his car.

Lt. Sean Edwards told WBRC the father found the girl in a rear-facing car seat in the back seat of the car and called for help around 12 p.m.

Police said the passenger window was rolled down and the car's engine was off. The girl was alive and conscious when found.

WBRC reported the father's car was towed.

A one year old female left in her father's car while he appears to have been at work.Police believe she was in car for as long as 3 to 4 hours.She's currently at Children's Hospital where a medical team is working with her.Here is video of father's car being towed.

Posted by Rick Journey WBRC on Thursday, July 21, 2016

The car was in the parking lot of the business the father works at. Police said the temperature in the car was 160 degrees.

Edwards said the girl was transported to Children's of Alabama Hospital by ambulance and her father rode with her. He said he saw 12 medical professionals working with the girl.

“Right now the main priority is to get this child through this crisis right now and then as our investigators begin their investigation, speaking to both parents and really get to the bottom of what really happened,” Edwards told WBRC. "As adults, as parents, we’ve got to slow down, get focused a little bit more and try to make sure we do the best thing by taking care of our kids and being responsible."

Police said the girl was still in the Intensive Care Unit as of 9 p.m. local time.

"Not to slam anybody, just to leave this hospital and to see this little 1-year-old fighting for her life, it really gets you a little agitated," Edwards said. "We believe that the child is in great hands at Children’s Hospital and the medical staff over there are doing a magnificent job right now."

Edwards told WIAT the main priority for investigators is making sure the child is OK., then police will investigate what happened.

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