Trailer for Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish comedy ‘Night School’ released

Will Packer's latest comedy, "Night School," pairs Kevin Hart with Tiffany Haddish, who stole every scene she was in during 2017's "Girls Trip."

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Hart plays Teddy, a successful business guy whose run of good luck comes to a dramatic halt when a gas leak causes his barbecue grill store to explode. A buddy in finance realizes how smart Teddy is, but he dropped out of high school. Teddy needs a GED to pursue his new dream.

Enter a no-nonsense teacher played by Haddish, who is taking exactly zero guff off Teddy and his fellow students. The trailer is out and it looks like these two comic geniuses are paired to perfection.

Watch the profanity-laced trailer for "Night School," from Universal Pictures, at

“Night School” hits theaters Sept. 28.

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