TSA confiscates record 74 firearms from fliers' carry-on bags

(Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

During the past week, the Transportation Security Administration said it confiscated 74 firearms, 65 of which were loaded, from carry-on bags at airports across the country.

Eighteen of the guns had a round in the chamber, the TSA said.

The number of firearms found in bags was the most ever confiscated in a single week, officials said.

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Fliers are allowed to bring firearms on airplanes, but they must be declared, unloaded, locked in a hard-sided container and can only be packed in checked luggage, according to TSA regulations.

Even toy or non-functioning replica guns are banned from carry-on luggage, but the 74 found in the last week were all real, the TSA said.

The record breaking number of guns found at U.S. airports came during a busy holiday weekend.

Along with guns, TSA also confiscated numerous items in the past week, including ammunition and knives.

The previous record for firearms confiscated from carry-on bags was 73 and was set last month, the TSA said.