Turkey is Coming: Arby’s promotes ‘Game of Thrones’ season finale

Winter is coming, and so are the turkey legs.

Arby’s, the fast food restaurant known for its roast beef offerings, is doing a tie-in to this weekend’s “Game of Thrones” season finale.

Shops in certain markets will offer a smoked turkey leg that will weigh in at about a pound. It is being described as seasoned with salt and brown sugar and smoked and then roasted, the "Today" show reported.

According to the company press release, the nine cities participating are reminiscent of the nine regions in the "Game of Thrones" world.

Fargo, North Dakota, represents “a frigid land in the north with ruthless winters and relentless snowfall.” (The North)

Los Angeles is “a western land known for its bountiful amount of gold and riches.” (The Westerlands)

Redmond, Washington, is “a land of storms, savaged by heavy rain and wind, with a coast of deep blue water.” (The Stormlands)

Norfolk, Virginia, is “a land of ships and sailors surrounded by giant vessels forged from iron.” (The Iron Islands)

Pittsburgh is “a land of powerful rivers, defined by the trident of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio.” (The Riverlands)

Phoenix is “a land of sand and sun, known for its harsh desert climate.” (Dorne)

Denver is “a land of treacherous mountains divided by fertile river valleys with an abundance of stones.” (The Vale)

Omaha, Nebraska, is “a land of fertile farms that provides many of the crops that feed the country.” (The Reach)

Finally, Atlanta is “a land where the crown jewel of the Arby’s family, our headquarters, resides.” (The Crownlands)

For a list of the specific locations, one in each city, that will have the turkey legs while supplies last, click here.

"Today" reported that the turkey leg is not an official promotion from HBO and "Game of Thrones."

The season finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. Watch the preview below.

The episode is called “The Dragon and the Wolf” and will run more than 79 minutes.

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