Twitter installing century-old log cabins in headquarters

Yup, the company that revolutionized how we talk about what we're eating is installing homesteader cabins in its dining area. Mashable says the idea is to break up the big, open space into smaller rooms. (Via TwitterMashable)

Twitter contracted Lundberg Design to do the rustic makeover. The company has previously helped design other wood-centric elements in the social media giant's headquarters.

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Renovating an office space doesn't typically call for "100-year-old wood" though. So why log cabins? 

In an interview with the Marin Independent Journal, the design studio explained the decision, saying: "We've used the notion of the forest as a nice tie-in with Twitter and its bird logo. To me, the log cabins fit into that since, obviously, they're made from logs that come from the forest."

The San Francisco Chronicle notes that while the "cabins’ exact history is unknown ... Lundberg guessed they were from the 1870s and were originally used as residences."

Of course, it's not that unusual for a tech company to have... let's say interesting accommodations for its employees.

Offices at Box, a content-sharing platform, include a two-story slide, while the Google offices in Pittsburgh have a giant trapeze to relax on. (Via TechCrunchWTAE)

But so far Twitter is the only company we know of to go quite this old school.