Two brothers steal 200,000 worth of laptops from Microsoft

Two brothers are accused of stealing 180 new Surface laptops, worth about $200,000, from Microsoft’s Building 88.

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Both worked for the company. One was a full-time employee and another was a vendor, and the two were behind a “high-dollar theft,” according to police in Redmond, Washington.

Court documents say 37-year-old Craig A. Garcia and his brother, 31-year-old Cordaro L. Galvan, are charged with felony theft.

According to Redmond police, surveillance video shows Galvan wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a mask.

Around 2 a.m. on July 25, the brothers went to a third-floor storage room in Building 88.

Detectives said Galvan is seen on camera, "pushing a large cart loaded with the stolen laptops, all brand-new in boxes; although Galvan is wearing a mask, once he leaves the view of the camera, he takes it off and continues to push the stolen items past two additional cameras."

The documents says those cameras captured a clear view of Galvan’s face.

Redmond police said Garcia simply used his keycard to get into the building.

Police were able to confirm the brothers’ identities based on the surveillance video and keycard information.

Garcia was arrested on Oct. 10.

Galvan’s attorney, Bryan Hershman, said in a phone call, “We have been cooperating and offered our assistance with investigators and have been in contact with investigators.”

“We’re not trying to hide,” Hershman said. He added that Galvan turned himself in to authorities.

Court documents say the two brothers live in the same home in Auburn.

Neighbors there said they’r in disbelief about the crime.

“They’re nice. It blows me away,” Lee Soltis said. “I wouldn’t think they’d be part of a crime.”

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