WATCH: Good Samaritan saves child being chased by turkey in viral video

Credit: skeeze /

Credit: skeeze /

A Wisconsin woman is gaining viral fame after she rescued a frightened child from an unlikely foe – a turkey.

According to WBAY, Vanessa Miramontes was driving in Green Bay on Monday when she spotted the angry bird chasing the youngster down the street.

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"As we got closer, you just saw this kid's eyes completely bugged out and this turkey running full speed at this child," Miramontes told WBAY. "I knew I had to do something to help in the slightest."

So Miramontes "instinctively turned in front of it," she told the news station.

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"No intentions were there to hit the turkey or hurt it by any means, but it was awfully close to the kid where I knew something needed to happen or it would hurt the kid," she added.

Meanwhile, another driver swooped in to give the child a ride home.

The moment was caught on camera by Evan Skaletski, who shared his video with WBAY. The clip quickly made the rounds on social media.

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