Good Samaritans, including FedEx driver, jump into river to rescue woman in overturned car

Watch: Good Samaritans, FedEx driver, jump into river to rescue woman in overturned car

A handful of good Samaritans and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, firefighters became heroes Friday when they helped rescue a woman who was trapped in a flooded car.

Those who witnessed the crash, including FedEx driver James Carter, knew the driver only had a matter of minutes to survive the crash. That’s why he and several others jumped into the flooded creek.

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“Someone is in need and needed out of that car quick. No sense in standing around. There’s no way I could have seen that happen and drive away from it,” Carter said.

"I really didn't think she was going to make it out alive. She had been under there for so long," said witness Kara Copes.

Copes said that before Carter jumped in, others worked to smash the SUV's windows to help the woman get out.

After firefighters arrived, they used a ladder to help the woman climb to safety. Officials told FOX23 she was fortunate to walk away unharmed.

"I know the driver didn't intend for that to happen, but that's how fast accidents like this occur," said Broken Arrow Deputy Fire Chief James Suddath.

Officials said that if the water had been any higher, it's likely the car would have been swept away.