Woman accuses employee of poisoning her coffee cream after disciplinary action

A Georgia woman is accusing one of her employees of poisoning her coffee creamer.

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Officers with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department are investigating the incident .

"From what she told our officers, she fully believes that she was poisoned by this co-worker of hers,” police spokesman Epifanio Rodriguez told WSB-TV.

The victim told police that a day after disciplining an employee, she got sick almost immediately after drinking coffee in the office.

The first alleged incident took place on March 30.

A week later, on April 6, again after drinking coffee and using creamer, the victim began vomiting.

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She received treatment at Athens Regional Medical Center and then called police to report her suspicions.

She told investigators she was more violently ill during the second incident compared to the first time it happened.

“She was throwing up and said it was worse and, of course, it scared her, so she went to the hospital for medical treatment,” Rodriguez said.

The victim works in an Athens housing development.

WSB is not identifying the development, the victim or her employee because there are currently no charges in the case.

Police stress they are not yet sure if there was a crime, or if something else made the victim sick.

They took the coffee creamer into evidence and are testing it.

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“An investigator has been assigned this case, and we did send the creamer to the crime lab to be tested to see if they can find anything inside the creamer that’s not supposed to be there,” Rodriguez said.

The victim told police she and the employee are the only ones with access to the office creamer.

The test results are expected in the next few days.

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