VIDEO: Woman Claims Hospital Left Needle In Her Spine For 14 Years

Woman claims hospital left needle in her spine for 14 years

Amy Bright is now suing in federal court

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Bright says she expected the birth of her son to be one of the happiest moments of her life -- but she says back pain has been constant since her son's birth.

“Sleeping is hard, just because it burns constantly," Bright said. 

Bright says Naval Hospital Jacksonville initially diagnosed her with sciatica, but a CT scan 14 years later revealed something else -- a needle embedded in her spine.

Bright says Naval Hospital Jacksonville knew about it the whole time. The needle remains lodged in Bright's back. 

“I was so mad that they hid this from me," Bright said. 

In her claim, Bright says Naval Hospital Jacksonville failed to properly install the needle -- and broke it off in her spine. They also failed to inform her or put it on medical records, she claims

Bright's attorney says a judge will decide if she is entitled to any damages.