Woman’s dog camera alerts her to intruder in house wearing her high heels, police say

A man was arrested after a woman’s dog camera alerted her to an intruder in her apartment casually helping himself to items in the fridge, taking a shower and wearing her bra and high heels, police say.

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"He was going through all my personal things," the woman, only identified as Shauna, told KPTV. "My underwear, my bras. He was going through all my clothes. He ate my ice cream and some food. Drank root beer from the fridge, just made himself at home."

She said she was at work when she got an alert from the Furbo dog camera app because her dog, Silas, was barking at the stranger.

Shauna called police, left work and went home. There, she and officers confronted Kye Phillips, 22, KPTV reported.

"His face was just like shock, like oh my God, I can't believe I was caught," she told KPTV. "He was wearing my black bra, a black bathing suit bottom that I have and a white coverup."

Phillips was arrested and charged with burglary and theft, according to jail records.

Within days Shauna and Silas moved out.

"(Silas) was really shook up at first, but he's OK now," she told KPTV. "Getting away from there makes me feel better, but I still want (Phillips) to pay for what he did."

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