Woman finds bear in garage, tells it to 'shoo'


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Woman finds bear in garage, tells it to 'shoo'

For residents of one Colorado neighborhood, bear sightings are becoming more exasperating than frightening.

A Colorado Springs woman recorded her encounter with a bear Tuesday that was loitering in her garage, KOAA reported. The woman, who was safely in her car at the time, recorded her attempts to get the bear to leave, which included shouting, "Shoo," and "Get out of my garage," accompanied by horn honking. The bear didn't seem bothered by the woman's actions, taking its time to exit.

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The bear is believed to be the same one dubbed the "burglar bear" for its penchant for stealing ice cream and other sweet treats from homes in the neighborhood, KOAA reported. In those cases, the bear also accessed the property via the garage, and was able to access the freezer. One time the bear took a gallon of chocolate ice cream and M&M's, and another time the bear took a carton of vanilla ice cream.

The bear, which is estimated to be 400 pounds, is overweight, and should be in the 200-250 pound range, officials said. The extra weight is more proof that the bear has been poaching from people's freezers for some time. 

A Colorado Park and Wildlife official said the bear will have to be put down as it has become too comfortable around people and poses a risk for the children in the neighborhood.

KOAA.com | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo
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