Woman's Fitbit reveals she's pregnant

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A man in New York City posted on Reddit about some problems he was having with his wife’s Fitbit, only to discover some good news: She’s pregnant.

Reddit user YoungPTone, identified as David, posted about a suspected issue with his wife's device sensor, which he said was "showing her heartbeat being consistently high over the last few days," BuzzFeed reports.

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His wife’s resting heart rate would reach up to 110 beats per minute and "she logged 10 hours in the fat-burning zone, which I would think to be impossible based on her activity level,” according to David.

One Reddit user posed a simple explanation: Is she possibly pregnant?

According to BuzzFeed, David said it was definitely possible since the couple had been trying for months, but he had no idea her heart rate could reveal this information.

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"I might be a dad, YIKES. Now I gotta watch my own heart rate," David wrote in the Reddit thread.

Dr. Mary Jane Minkin of Yale-New Haven Hospital told BuzzFeed that a jump in heart rate happens during pregnancy, but it is also something that doesn’t happen until later. According to Minkin, the couple’s revelation actually came from the early pregnancy symptom of an increase in body temperature.

“My hunch, if I had to bet why her [heart rate] was up, it was that her temperature was up,” BuzzFeed quoted Minkin as saying.

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The news was confirmed as the couple announced later on Reddit that they were expecting. “It’s definitely a great story to tell [the baby] one day about how it happened, and [we are] happy to have all the support of people on Reddit,” David told BuzzFeed.

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