Woman says her water bill ballooned from $16 to almost $900

Credit: WFTV.com

Credit: WFTV.com

A Brevard County, Florida, woman is demanding answers after she said her water bill went from $16 one month to $900 another month.

Janet Alexander said she's frustrated because no one can seem to figure out why her meters show that she uses 93,000 gallons of water per month. She said the outrageous bills are draining her life savings.

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Alexander said she has lived in her home since 1979 and hasn't had an issue with her water bill until October.

She said her water bill has averaged $15 to $18 per month for years, but last fall, she received a bill for $350 followed by one for more than $600. Last month, she paid Brevard County Utilities almost $900.

"Someone's got a problem and it sure ain't me, because I've had all my toilets replaced. My son-in-law did all the shut-off valves. Everything has been done -- taken care of since the first bill," Alexander said.

She said the water company suspected a leak, but a contractor whom she paid more than $400 for two visits couldn't find one.

"I don't have no sprinkler system. I don't water the grass. I don't have nothing," Alexander said.

A spokesman for the utility said it replaced and tested Alexander's water meters twice. The company told her that her water usage is many times higher than that of a single family and suggested that someone might be stealing water from her.

"We know all of these people," Alexander said. "My daughter lives next door. She ain't gonna steal my water."

The utility said the average person uses about 100 gallons of water per day. The usage for Alexander, whose grandson lives with her, was more than 93,000 gallons last month.

"I want you to find out why my water bill is so high," she said. "I paid almost $900. I'll never get it back now."

The company said it's doing its job by delivering water to the customer and that whatever happens after the meter reading is the customer's responsibility -- whether it's normal use, leaking, plumbing problems, stolen water or some other issue.

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