Woman says she got third-degree burns from pennies in hot car

A Moore, Oklahoma, woman is warning others after she said she suffered third-degree burns Wednesday when she sat on pennies in her hot car.

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Melissa Sechrist told KWTV pennies in her cup holder fell onto her seat and that's how she got burned.

"I lifted my cup and they fell onto my seat ... and that's when I got in," she said. "I stuck my leg over there and they got (on) my leg."

Sechrist thought icing her leg would be fine, but her burns started blistering, so she went to the hospital Sunday.

"(The doctor's) eyes got real big and she kind of jumped back," Sechrist said. "She'd never seen anything like it."

KWTV reported that Sechrist was told she had third-degree burns.

Third-degree burns are the most severe. Sechrist said she was given antibiotics and pain medication.

"Everybody needs to watch for coins on their seats because it does burn," Sechrist told KWTV. "I would hate to see a child with these kind of burns on their legs," she said.