‘Worst cat in the world’ Perdita has new home

A North Carolina animal shelter has gotten rid of what they jokingly called the “worst cat in the world.”

Her real name is Perdita and she has a new home.

Thanks to her partially tongue-in-cheek adoption plea, 175 applications were submitted to the Mitchell County Animal Rescue, officials said on Facebook.

There was no fee to adopt Perdita, the Mitchell News-Journal reported.

Whoever ended up taking Perdita home was going to get a year's supply of cat litter from Arm & Hammer after the company heard about her story, according to the newspaper.

After cutting the list to the top 10, staff interviewed prospective Perdita parents, did some background checks and introduced the humans to the grumpy cat. The final choice was made by Perdita herself and she will be heading to her new home in Tennessee, officials said.

Perdita's story was a sad one but now has a happy ending. She was taken to the shelter on Christmas Eve after her original owner died, shelter officials said, according to the News-Journal.

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