5-year-old brings Christmas love to families at Children’s Hospital in Columbus

Credit: Zoriana Zaitseva/Shutterstock

Credit: Zoriana Zaitseva/Shutterstock

He knows what it is like to be in the hospital. Carson Russell, 5, is trying to show families of other sick children that they are loved this Christmas season.

He's started Carson's Christmas Project to help bring some cheer to the young patients and their families at Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

"My project to turn their frowns upside down because Jesus loves them," Carson told WCHS.

Carson was diagnosed with a rare chronic lung disease when he was 8 months old.

He has been a patient at the hospital where he is now trying to spread cheer.

The project came about after Carson told his mother that he wanted the parents of kids who were admitted to the hospital to feel love, WCHS reported.

Carson and an army of helpers are collecting gift cards for restaurants or gas stations, fleece socks, personal hygiene items, small blankets, gloves, hats, inspirational books and puzzle books, WCHS reported.

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The last day donations will be accepted is Dec. 9. Then Carson will package them up in gift bags for delivery to the hospital by Christmas.

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