3-year-old girl explains why she put boy in headlock

A 3-year-old girl put a boy in a headlock after he told her he wanted to marry her, the girl explains in a viral video her mother recorded.

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"What happened at school?" Kynlee McFetridge's mother asks in the video.

“I took a headlock down on Jack and took him down,” she replies.

“Why, what did he say?” her mother asked.

“Because kids don’t get married. That’s why I put headlock down on him,” the toddler said.

Kynlee learned her moves after she had open-heart surgery at 5 months old, KTVI reports. When she was well enough, in an effort to catch up physically with other children, she started playing with her father.

"That was my whole theory behind wrestling and roughhousing with her, because she was behind the other kids," her father told KTVI. "I was trying to make her stronger so she could catch up. In doing so, she got a little rough, I guess."

Kynlee has learned from the incident, and she and the boy are still friends.

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