Zoo attaches GoPro to cheetah, amazing footage follows

One zoo used technology to show just how fast cheetahs can run.

"This amazing video shows you a never seen before perspective of a cheetah running at top speed," the Cincinnati Zoo and Botatanical garden wrote on a May 26 Faceboook post. "Shot with a GoPro on our cheetah's back, we believe it's the first of its kind."

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The cheetah, Savannah, wore a mini GoPro in a harness on her back as she ran in her habitat. 

"We put (the harness) on Savannah and she (couldn't) really care less," a trainer said in the video. "She's used to harnesses and she's used to collars, so it's just another day for her."

A trainer in the video said all the cheetahs at the zoo are "hand-trained at a very young age."

The footage has been viewed over 200,000 times since it was posted on Thursday, but in the midst of controversy at the zoo since a gorilla was killed Saturday after a child got into the exhibit, some comments were critical.

"This is just another example of the lack of good judgment by this zoo that also killed Harambe," Barb Ponter wrote.

"It seems like your zoo is feeding off of the gorilla attention at this point. That cheetah is a beauty, that's for sure. Cool video. Poor timing," Taylor Duckworth wrote, although the cheetah video was posted two days before the incident in the gorilla exhibit.

Still, some commenters defended the zoo for sharing the video, including Stephan Swain: "Sure, they want to move on. They didn't gain a thing from the gorilla incident," he wrote. "This is a step forward and footage that's pretty incredible. Why not celebrate that?"

Watch the video below: