Differing views on immigration

A few weeks ago, we ran a column from Tom Wahlrab, one of the architects of the Welcome Dayton plan to encourage immigration here, in which he considered the future of the program. Among the mail we received in response, this from Richard Suhr:

“As with many Dayton officials, Tom Wahlrab speaks of receiving all immigrants without regard to criminality and legality. These are the same officials who write laws and regulations for citizens in their cities or municipalities and expect them to be followed and enforced. However, when it comes to laws they don’t agree with of the entire country, they feel it is OK to ignore them and imply that those who don’t agree with this flawed opinion are heartless and non-caring.

“Why is it so difficult and so unreasonable to say we welcome good and honest people, rather than our doors are open to all — even those who have no respect for laws? … It would be far better to welcome people who have similar views to good Americans, rather than taking a chance and saying we accept all who view the world differently than us, not knowing if their views are legal or moral.”

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