Paramedic says co-worker kept nude photos of employees for blackmail

A central Florida paramedic is accused of collecting nude photos of her co-workers and sharing them with employees while on duty.

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According to a report, Amy Sherlock admitted to Volusia County investigators she got the photos through a group text she was in with three male former co-workers.

She also admitted to having nude photos of four of her co-workers, including a lieutenant.

County officials launched an investigation in September when an employee told officials during his exit interview that Sherlock had shown him the photos of at least two co-workers.

He claims Sherlock told him the photos were for, "Insurance, should she ever need to blackmail someone to get out of trouble,” and that she kept a copy of each photo on her cellphone, personal computer and external hard drive.

The report details three other EVAC employees' claims that Sherlock either told them about or showed them the photos, and one employee claims Sherlock told him she had used the photos to get out of trouble in the past.

The report did not state how.

She said they would post nude photos of employees with whom they were involved and said the group texts made her feel as if she had a friendship with the men.

Sherlock denied keeping copies of the photos and claims she deleted them in May 2017 when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter.

County officials have not said if she is still employed or what disciplinary action they took against her or anyone else involved.

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