Pet raccoon attacks 2 Michigan children, family says

Credit: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Credit: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Two children in Michigan were injured after being attacked by a pet raccoon, WXYZ reported.

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Patrick McClausky, of Clinton Township, said the animal drew blood from his 6-year-old daughter’s knee and also attacked his 8-year-old son, the television station reported.

The girl needed several rounds of rabies shot and tested negative, WXYZ reported. The raccoon, named Bandit and belonging to a neighborhood family, was euthanized, according to WXYZ.

Keeping a wild animal violates Michigan state law, Macomb County Chief of Animal Control Jeff Randazzo told WWJ.

“We have this wild animal,” Randazzo told the radio station. “It may be trained, but it’s not tamed. It’s still a wild animal, it still has wild instincts and you’re not really doing it justice. It’s more for the person, versus for the animal.”

The family that owned the raccoon raised it since it was baby. It was kept inside the home and slept with the family's grandchildren, WXYZ reported.

Member of the McClausky family told the television station they caught the raccoon using nets, a cage, and some dog food in their backyard before turning it over to Animal Control.

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