Police arrest NC bus driver, say she threatened to shoot up middle school

Lashaunda Hooker Beachum

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Lashaunda Hooker Beachum

A North Carolina school bus driver was arrested for posting threatening social media posts targeted toward Porter Ridge Middle School in Union County and its staff members, police said.

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Deputies said Lashaunda Hooker Beachum, 32, is facing two felony charges for making false reports concerning mass violence on educational property.

She mentioned several members of the school staff by name as well as “immigrants” living in suburban estates, officials said.

Deputies said the initial post appeared under a fake name on a local Facebook page, “What’s Up Indian Trail,” around 2 a.m. Friday, but was posted again a few hours later.

Beachum was reported to the Union County Public Schools and Union County Sheriff’s Office, which investigated.

Joshua Gregory said both of his children had interactions with Beachum, and after reading her threatening post, he said he is relieved she is no longer behind the wheel.

"Not knowing when you'll see them again or that they'll be OK is very scary," he said.

Gregory said his son goes to Porter Ridge Middle School. Friday, he made his son stay home, fearing threats made on social media would be carried out.

"The bottom drops when you hear stuff like that,” Gregory said.

Gregory was surprised to find out the person behind the threats was his son's school bus driver.

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"It just blew our mind,” he said. “What if my kids were on the bus and she got angry?"

School officials said that Beachum started working with Union County Public Schools on Jan. 3. She was fired Friday.

“It just goes to show you what lengths people are willing to go to when they have evil in their heart,” Gregory said.

Porter Ridge had additional security on campus Friday.

"I pray every day that when my children leave me that God's going to take care of them,” Gregory said.

The motive behind the two messages allegedly posted by Beachum is not clear, but detectives said they don’t believe Beachum intended on acting on the threat.

“The safety of our kids and schools is one of our highest priorities,” Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey said in a news release. “Any comment, rumor or social media post mentioning violence on school property is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

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