Premature baby delivered by same staff who attended his father

A premature baby born in a New York City hospital was a case of deja vu for the doctor and nurse who delivered the child. After all, they delivered the child's father -- who was also born premature -- 18 years ago, WABC reported.\

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Josiah Valentine is now 5 pounds and left the hospital for the first time Thursday, three months after his birth. He was born at 25 weeks and weighed 1 pound, 12 ounces, WABC reported.

Josiah’s father, Javon Valentine, also was delivered at the Bronx hospital where his son was born.

"The dad's mother came and she recognized everybody," Lazaro Lezcano told WABC.

Lezcano and nurse Editha de Leon have worked at the hospital for 30 years, the television station reported.

"It's a great feeling," de Leon said. "This is why we get up in the morning and come to work, they give us a reason to be here every day."

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