Rare monkey stolen from Palm Beach Zoo

Credit: Pexels/Pixabay

Credit: Pexels/Pixabay

A rare monkey was stolen from a Florida zoo early Monday, WPBF reported.

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Kali, a 1-pound, 12-year-old Goeldi's monkey that is an endangered species native to South America, was one of five at the Palm Beach Zoo, WPEC reported. Kali is taking anti-inflammatory medication and has a is microchip implanted in her, the television station reported.

Zoo spokeswoman Naki Carter said Goeldi’s monkeys command a high value on the black market.

"Goeldi's monkeys are very popular on the illegal pet trade, and so since she is a female as far as breeding is concerned, she's holding a pretty high value, upwards of $10,000 I've been told," Carter told WPEC.

Carter said Kali was likely stolen around 1 a.m., WPBF reported. While zoo officials did not say how the suspect entered Kali's cage, there is surveillance video, the television station reported.

Video released Tuesday shows a person walking along the western perimeter of the zoo, moments before officials discovered Kali was missing, WPEC reported.

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