Sidney HS student accused of bringing gun to school will remain in detention center

UPDATE @ 2:30 p.m. (Aug. 30):

A 14-year-old Sidney High School student accused of bringing a loaded handgun to the school will remain in the Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center until his preliminary hearing next week. 

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Investigators said the gun that was found at school Tuesday was a .25-caliber pistol, but the gun was not from the student’s home. Investigators did not say how or where they believe the student obtained the gun. 

During the student’s arraignment hearing in Shelby County Juvenile Court Wednesday, a judge denied the defense’s request to place the student on house arrest. 

He will remain in juvenile detention until his preliminary hearing which has been scheduled for Sept. 6. 

The judge ordered the boy to stay in juvenile detention until his next court hearing on Sept. 6.

UPDATE @ 4:42 p.m. (Aug. 29):

Sidney High School administrators were notified of the loaded weapon when a female student revealed to her teacher a text message chain, said Sidney Schools Superintendent John Scheu.

Another female student had texted her friend that a ninth grade male student was showing a gun in a classroom or in the school somewhere. 

Scheu said at that point, it was identified which classroom, but not which student had the gun. 

"Students were evacuated by rows," Scheu said, in areas outside the classroom in question. "Then we did a sweep." 

The school administrators did not announce anything over the announcement system. 

"We did not want to alarm the students; we didn't want to put the students in a tizzy," Scheu said. "We quietly and very quickly locked the classroom doors in that area." 

It was a loaded pistol found in the male student's backpack. The male, from Sidney, will face multiple felony charges.

The district does not have metal detectors at the schools, Scheu said. There are seven school buildings and each one has an armed security guard. 

"We instruct students to notify the proper authorities," Scheu said.


A Sidney High School student faces felony charges for an alleged loaded gun at school. 

Just minutes before dismissal today, Aug. 29, a male student with a loaded handgun in his backpack was taken into custody at Sidney High School. The 14 year-old male is a freshman at the school.

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The school resource officer and two Sidney High School administrators cleared the classroom and discovered the loaded handgun.

The teen is being held at Shelby County Jail on felony charges. No one was injured.