WATCH: Texas delivery guy recorded state’s craziest drivers on dash cam

Picture it: you're on the freeway. You're trying to get to work, or home from work, or to dinner or to happy hour. Somebody cuts you off in traffic, or they refuse to use their blinker, or it's raining and they don't have their headlights on. You get to your destination and rant to your coworkers or your friends or your partner about how awful people are, and you wish you had the receipts to prove it.

This guy does.

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Derek Grippin, a 31-year-old delivery driver, works out of a warehouse in North Texas but spends his weeks driving all over the state, according to the Dallas Morning News. He bought a dash camera for his travels "more to save my butt," he says, but he wasn't expecting to catch so many wild driving incidents across Texas. He's been posting them on his YouTube channel, catching a few seriously scary close calls and some drivers that are just plain crazy.

He’s made two compilation videos from the Dallas area as well as one from across Texas, featuring clips of swerving vehicles, sudden stops, ignored red lights, jaywalkers and zig-zagging that’ll make you clutch your pearls.

These videos aren’t for the faint of heart. They will, however, make you grateful for your desk job.

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There's also a video called "Naked Guy SA" that's exactly what it sounds like. We'll let you seek that one out for yourself.

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