Taco Bell to add self-serve ordering kiosks

Credit: Elijah Nouvelage

Credit: Elijah Nouvelage

Taco Bell is ready to give its customers more access in 2018.

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The fast-food chain will be increasing its digital presence and will add self-serve ordering kiosks, The Orange County Register reported.

Taco Bell, which operates more than 6,700 restaurants, said it has reached an agreement with its franchisees to fund new services that provide customers and employees with “frictionless digital experiences.”

The self-serve ordering kiosks, called “All Access,” is aimed at providing an easy connection for customers, including for delivery and group ordering, the Register reported..

Taco Bell said it also plans to “prioritize and invest” in faster networks and improved back-of-house systems.

“Our fantastic relationship with our franchisees and our growth mindset have enabled us to create an aggressive plan to make Taco Bell an All Access brand,” Taco Bell chief executive Brian Niccol said in a statement. “We always aim to stay relevant with changing consumer tastes and trends, whether that be creating innovative menu items or offering the latest technology that connects customers to our brand when they want it, where they want it.”

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