Man hacks Alexa device with talking fish, hilarity ensues

A man has given Alexa, Amazon’s virtual personal assistant device, a hilarious makeover.

Developer and instructor Brian Kane hooked up Alexa with a Big Mouth Billy Bass talking fish figure. When Kane says the usual prompt, “Alexa,” the fish’s head turns. When he asks, “What’s the weather,” the fish’s lips move as Alexa provides the weather report.

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Posted by Brian Kane on Thursday, October 27, 2016
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While the video has generated a lot of chuckles, it was created for a serious science project.

“This was made as an in-class demo on rapid prototyping for my new artificial intelligence design course at Rhode Island School of Design in the industrial design department. We're looking at AI through the lens of artists and designers, to make new experiences for people that are engaging emotionally,” Kane wrote in a message on his Facebook page.

so by now many of you have seen the fish video :)  here's the story:this was made as an in-class demo on rapid...

Posted by Brian Kane on Sunday, November 6, 2016