Texas teen taking selfie survives 50-foot fall off bridge

A Texas teenager's attempt at a selfie nearly turned tragic in November as he fell 50 feet from a bridge in Dallas, KTVT reported.

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Triston Bailey, 18, suffered a broken pelvis, a lacerated spleen, broken ribs and a fractured face, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. The impact from Bailey's fall off the Margaret McDermott Bridge left an imprint of his body on the ground, KTVT reported.

“I could have easily passed away that night. I could have easily been gone. If it was just one more rotation I could not be here,” Bailey, who has spent the last four months recovering, told the television station.

On Nov. 12, Bailey was with friends and were driving over bridge when they stopped to take a selfie, KXAS reported.

"I was going over the concrete barrier and they heard me exclaim, and they thought I was joking, that I was just trying to mess with them," Bailey told the television station. "They looked over. Just like the movies, I'm just laid out there on the dirt."

Doctors who treated Bailey were stunned he did not suffer more serious injuries.

"It's amazing that he didn't snap his neck. It's amazing that he's not a paraplegic – or broke his neck," Joseph Darryl Amos, trauma chief at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, told KTVT. "It's truly miraculous."

Bailey said he has taken selfies since his accident, but nothing that could put him at risk.

"If I see another person on I-30 about to take a picture, I just stop on the side like, 'Hey, it's not a good idea,'" Bailey told KFDW.

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