Toilet-papering police chief's vehicle better than eating Tide Pods, Utah police say

Remember the days when pranks were harmless and silly, like toilet-papering a house or a vehicle?

Police in a Utah city enjoyed a bit of nostalgia and had a good time at their own expense when the truck of Salina City's chief of police was toilet-papered, KSTU reported.

Salina City police posted a photo of the prank on their department’s Facebook page, and while they admitted that it was not a recommended activity for youths, it certainly beat internet crazes like eating Tide Pods or snorting condoms.

“This activity has several positive effects,” the police wrote. “This has caused a few youngsters to get their face out of the screen, prevented them from eating Tide Pods, snorting condoms or Smarties.

“This also has many health benefits including a little cardio as you ran around toilet papering the Chief of Police's truck, breathing deeper than normal while laughing your guts out creating a lifelong memory with your friends.”

Clearly, the police recognize the benefits of harmless fun. But they do caution that "some people would not appreciate" the joke.
Reaction on social media has been positive toward the police, applauding their department's lighthearted touch.

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