Trump breaks with previous presidents in response to natural disasters

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Hurricane Harvey: Flooding and Aftermath

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Every president, going back to George H. W. Bush, has had to handle a natural disaster during his term.

For the aforementioned Bush, it was Hurricane Andrew. For his son, President George W. Bush, it was Hurricane Katrina. Bill Clinton faced the devastation of deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma, and Barack Obama experienced Superstorm Sandy.

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One thing all these leaders had in common was their response to the victims — from reassuring messages of hope to comforting hugs.

Focus on the victims of Hurricane Harvey, according to the Washington Post, was missing from President Donald Trump's visit to Texas on Tuesday.

“He made virtually no mention of the storm's victims, and there was no indication he met with any. He didn't call for donations or volunteers. He didn't mourn the dead,” the Post reported.

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