Watch: Coyote attacks dog in suburban Chicago yard

An Illinois couple posted a scary video that showed their dog being attacked by a coyote.

It happened very quickly in the Chicago suburb of Northfield, WGN reported.

Boozer, a cairn terrier, was outside when a coyote rushed in and circled it. The coyote then attacked, biting the 14-pound dog’s head and dragging it around the back yard.

The couple's home surveillance camera captured the attack. That’s when Barnaby Dinges’ wife ran into the yard screaming, scaring the coyote away, WGN reported.

“Literally we're on the phone and she just screams, 'oh my God.' I think she drops the phone. And I didn't know what was going on," Dinges told WGN. "I looked at this camera. And I just couldn't believe it. The coyote just came out of nowhere."

Boozer suffered several injuries, including a deep gash to his head that required staples and a "gouge" mark on his eye. However, the veterinarian believes Boozer will make a full recovery.

The family's home in Northfield is located near forest preserves, and the couple said they are sharing video of the attack as a warning to pet owners.

"I think this video shows ... in 10 or 15 seconds your family pet can be gone forever," Dinges said.

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