Diaper-wearing monkey attacks Walmart employee

A couple visiting a Walmart store in Ohio on Sunday night caught footage of a monkey confronting one of the store's employees in the parking lot.

Richelle Stewart told WCMH that she was visiting the Lancaster, Ohio-area store on Sunday evening when she noticed the monkey attacking the employee and began to video the confrontation.

"I saw the monkey, and he was just standing on the carts, and this lady was trying to come over and get him," Stewart said. "The monkey had escaped from a nearby camper. And we saw the cart guy from Walmart coming over to help her."

The video shows the monkey's owner yelling to "let her go" with the animal jumping on the employee and the owner pushing him out of the way.

WCMH reported the employee was not bitten by the animal and was able to grab its leash and take it back to its owner, who "was grateful."

WCMH added that the Department of Agriculture is attempting to track down the woman because the animal might not be registered.

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I just video tapped a monkey attacking a guy at Walmart in Lancaster Ohio!!  #crazy#only@walmart

Posted by Richelle Stewart on Sunday, August 14, 2016