Woman, 93, reunited with 7-year-old girl who found her lost ring in freezer

Credit: BattershellTactical/Pixabay

Credit: BattershellTactical/Pixabay

93-year-old Massachusetts woman who lost a precious ring had a heartwarming reunion as she met with the 7-year-old girl who found it.

Video of Marie Gladman hearing her ring had been found has been viewed by thousands, and she was able to give thanks in person to Lila Richards, who found it in a freezer at a Shaw's grocery store in Waltham.

An employee had noticed the ring in the store's lost-and-found, triggering the beginning of a journey toward a reunion.

The ring, given to Gladman by her husband who passed away 19 years ago, is a promise, engagement, wedding and 50th anniversary ring all intertwined into one.

Gladman said she is grateful for everyone's honesty, and said she believes her late husband was somehow involved with the miracle.

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