Allison Wichie
Allison Wichie

I am a reporter for the WHIO Clark County Bureau. I began working for WHIO and Cox Media Group Ohio after I graduated from Ohio University in 2012. I’ve worked in different positions, from our Digital Department to the Breaking News Team and now I’m excited to be an all-media journalist in Springfield.


Q & A

Where were you born? Troy, Ohio


Where did you grow up? Born and raised in Troy! 


What was your favorite TV show then? Friends


What was the first thing you ever wanted to be? A veterinarian


How might someone have described you in high school? Always laughing. I won a “senior superlative” for most contagious laugh


What was your first job? Serving donuts and coffee at Tim Hortons. Definitely ate a lot of sweet treats while I worked! 


What was your first job in television? Working the breaking news desk at WHIO.


What do you like about your job? Helping share the good stories in our community. I love that my job sends me out to talk to new people in the community every day, getting to listen to and understand their stories from their point of view.


What do you not like about your job? It can definitely be stressful making the newscast deadline every day! 


What might people be surprised to know about you? I am a complete book nerd. I love reading! Sit me down with a good book and I could spend the whole day absorbed by it. I’ll think I’ve been reading an hour, but it’s really been half of a day.


What is the hardest thing you ever did? Deciding where to take my career after I graduated from college. I’m glad I decided to start my work life here in the Miami Valley where I grew up.


What would be a perfect day for you? Waking up and enjoying a good cup of coffee on my back porch in my pajamas. Followed by some fun, outdoor activities and cooking a delicious meal that I enjoy with my entire family.


What advice would you have for someone wanting to go into the business? You will have to be patient and persevere through finding a job. Take every opportunity you can get at learning about news and the television industry. Job shadow and connect with people, it will only benefit your desire to be a journalist.  



Favorite book: The Giving Tree

Favorite CBS show: 60 Minutes

Favorite food: That’s too hard to choose! But I’d have to say a Gyro or fresh shrimp

Favorite hobby: Being outside—whether it’s running or just enjoying a walk

Favorite movie: Forrest Gump

Favorite music: Taylor Swift

Favorite travel destination: My yearly trip to the mountains in Tennessee with my family.