Here's Soup Beans and Cornbread at the Village Family Restaurant in Waynesville.

Cool-weather comfort food worth the drive

With colder weather here, we have a hankering for comfort food, and one of our favorites is a short drive away.

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Be sure to check out the Village Family Restaurant. Waynesville's oldest, continuously operated restaurant, it serves down-home favorites, and one of ours is their Soup Beans and Cornbread.

For $7.50, you get a bowl of Great Northern beans seasoned with ham and vegetables, along with a generous, almost block-size piece of cornbread -- choose either white or the sweeter yellow. The dinner also comes with one side.

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You'll notice that a cup of diced raw onions comes with the order. The customary protocol is to dump the onions in the soup. Then, some folks like to crumble up their cornbread and add it to the bowl. 

We prefer to do something else. We sliced the cornbread horizontally and slathered it with margarine, then added half the onions to make a sort of cornbread sandwich. We added the rest of the onions to the soup.

However you decided to tackle the goodies on your plate is your choice -- we're sure all ways of eating this delicious combo are fabulous.

Want to go?

WHAT: Village Family Restaurant

WHERE: 144 S. Main St., Waynesville, Ohio

INFO: or 513-897-8835