These scrumptious treats are almost too beautiful to eat (we said almost)


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These scrumptious treats are almost too beautiful to eat (we said almost)

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Salted Caramel Macarons from Michelle’s Macarons. CONTRIBUTED

Michelle Adams, 27, of St. Marys offers the following job title for her business Michelle’s Macarons: Owner, baker, photographer, marketer, dishwasher.

In other words, she does it all — which is typical of many small businesses.

Adams’ journey started around four years ago when she started making her trademark French macarons for her friends and family. This quickly grew to increasing production, manning booths at farmers markets, and eventually expanded to sales at different coffee shops and bakeries in Ohio. Her creations have brought sugar-infused happiness to many weddings, parties, coffee dates and gift-giving occasions since.

Michelle Adams, owner of Michelle’s Macarons. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY ERICA LEE PHOTO Contributing Writer

“I like them because they’re easy to eat, a nice size, and I feel like they’re not too unhealthy because they’re made with almond flour, which is just ground up almonds … you can eat a couple and not feel bad,” said Adams. “They have a thin crispy exterior but the inside melts in your mouth. It’s crispy and creamy all in one bite.”

After someone told her macarons were impossible to make, Adams was on a mission. She made her first macaron in 2014, posted about it on social media and had her first orders from there.

Love is one of the ingredients for Adams’ meringue-based cookies sandwiched around filling, but so is the almond flour she uses from a family farm in California and the supply of local eggs she bakes with whenever possible.

“You have to want to make a great macaron. They’re hard to make at first, but just keep trying. And using really good ingredients is so important. I’ll never skimp on ingredients,” said Adams, who just started a blog where she shares her recipes with her fans. “I really love making them and I treat every batch like I’m making them for my family.”

Macaron batter from Michelle’s Macarons. CONTRIBUTED Contributing Writer

Her macarons are all gluten-free, light and packed with flavor. Adams has gotten really creative with some of her past offerings. Nerds Blizzard unicorn macarons were the craziest thing she said she has come up with so far.

Adams features two different flavors every month. Popular offerings include salted caramel, birthday cake, raspberry cheesecake, cookie dough, cinnamon roll, cookies and cream, lemon and mint chocolate chip.

Nerds Blizzard Unicorn Macarons from Michelle’s Macarons. CONTRIBUTED Contributing Writer

“I (also) do custom flavors and designs,” said Adams. “Once I made Butterbeer macarons and painted them with all sorts of Harry Potter designs for a Harry Potter wedding shower. I’ve also made macaron towers for people to serve at their wedding for their gluten-free guests.”

Cinnamon Roll Macarons from Michelle’s Macarons. CONTRIBUTED Contributing Writer

With summer coming, a light macaron is a nice way to wrap up a meal and Michelle’s Macarons offer something different with her flair for creative flavors and skillful execution creating a soft, crispy cookie that melts in your mouth.

Blueberry Lemon Macarons from Michelle’s Macarons. CONTRIBUTED Contributing Writer


Visit Adams’ website at to learn more, or visit one of the following shops that has her macarons available for purchase:

Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Co.

317 Public Square SW, Troy or 937-339-8100

Brew Nation

110 S. Main Street, Celina or 419-584-1705

Cake, Hope, & Love

1490 N. Fairfield Rd., Suite B, Beavercreek

Website or 937-912-9253

Flatlands Coffee

138 N Main St, Bowling Green,

Website or 419-482-8049

Flourish Cake Co.

115 E. National Rd., Vandalia

Downtown Troy Farmers Market

South Cherry Street between West Main and West Franklin streets, Troy

June 10 through Oct. 7 on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon

Raspberry Cheesecake Macarons from Michelle’s Macarons. CONTRIBUTED Contributing Writer

Macarons vs. macaroons

From Michelle Adams, owner of Michelle’s Macarons, blog: “Macarons are light, airy meringue-based cookies sandwiched around a delicious filling. Macaroons are chewy coconut lumps.”

Both are derived from the Italian word amasser, which means to crush. Both are sweet treats, but as Adams points out, there’s not much difference after that.

Adams has a step-by-step online video course on her blog that teaches people how to make macarons that is available for purchase for those interested in learning more. Click here for more information.

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Birthday Cake Macarons from Michelle’s Macarons. CONTRIBUTED Contributing Writer
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