Man reunited with his dog after both survive car crash

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(Getty File Photo)

After a drunken driver hit Chance Patterson’s car in late July on a winding mountain road near East Vail, Colo., first responders say the first thing the man asked about were his dogs.

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Patterson had just picked up his German shepherd Carlitos and pit bull Izzy from doggie day care when the crash occurred.

Sadly, Carlitos died in the crash, and Izzy disappeared from the vehicle in the aftermath.

As Patterson recuperated in a nearby hospital from a broken leg, a broken elbow and a collapsed lung, area animal-lovers kept watch for Izzy. There had been several sightings of Izzy in the area, but no one had been able to catch her.

Shortly after the man was discharged from the hospital, Izzy was spotted by a passerby. An employee at the doggie day care was called to have someone Izzy knew draw her out. This lead to one dramatic moment when Patterson and the dog were reunited.

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“I had no words,” said Patterson. “I was so happy. I thought I’d lost both my dogs.”

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