Hilarious teacher pranks elementary students with fake spelling test


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April Fools’ Day came early this year for a group of elementary school kids from Michigan. Teasing fourth-grade teacher, Joey Dombrowski, decided yesterday to prank his students with a fake spelling test of made up words. In this hilarious video, Dombrowski asks the students to spell words like “blorskee” and “slipert”.

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As he continues through the list of made up words, frustrated students become more energetic. Using words in a sentence, he says, “Look there’s a Speeku!” then proceeds to spell it speekuzslmn. You can hear an audible “What!?” from one student as he remarks, “there’s silent letters at the end of that one…”

At the end of the video, he asks the students to spell a final word, “April Fools,” confessing that it was all one big prank. The students begin to yell and laugh, one student asking, “Will this be part of our grade?” Needless to say, the students were duped.

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