Viral video captures dramatic chase after alleged theft from construction site

Construction worker. (Jetta Productions / DigitalVision / Getty Images)

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Construction worker. (Jetta Productions / DigitalVision / Getty Images)

Construction workers are about the hardest-working people in America. Once you’ve put shingles on a roof in the summer, there’s not much else that can hurt you. But one thief apparently decided to try to test his luck, and it did not end well for him.

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According to KTVT, a now-viral video taken from a security camera in University Park, Texas, near Dallas captured the dramatic scene. The thief jumped out of a red car, swiped a piece of equipment and tried to make a getaway, police said. But he probably wasn't counting on the hard-working Texans who weren't willing to let anything go from their site.

KTVT reported Saturday that the workers chased after the alleged thief – with one worker atop the hood of the getaway car. The video, which has been viewed more than 766,000 times since it was posted to YouTube on Friday, also appears to show the workers ramming the vehicle with a truck.

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Police said they are still searching for the alleged thief, who faces a property theft charge, WTVT reported. The worker shown on the car hood in the video was not hurt, police said.

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