SPORTS DAILY: Broken windshield adds to Schwarber’s legend

Already there’s been an important baseball lesson learned this spring: There’s no safe place to park when Chicago Cubs phenom Kyle Schwarber is taking batting practice.

With spring training not yet even fully commenced, the Middletown High School graduate announced his presence with authority on Wednesday in Arizona by breaking a fan’s windshield with one of his clouts.

But that’s not where the story ended, of course, because with Schwarber, who is indeed the modern-day Babe Ruth, there’s always more.

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As a rookie in 2015, Schwarber’s home runs became the stuff of legend, especially one in the playoffs that took up temporary residence in a display case on top of the Wrigley Field videoboard before it was finally transported to an undisclosed location.

Schwarber, who catches and plays left field, had three multi-homer regular season games as a rookie. And he called his shot in Game 4 of the NLDS, don’t forget, forever ingraining himself in Cubs lore and conjuring up images of the Babe.

Meanwhile, fans also became aware of how Schwarber had been not just a member of the show choir at Middletown, but the undeniable star.

So there was more, and the “more” in this case came when Schwarber helped the fan fix his windshield by tweeting Safelite AutoGlass.

They’re the folks who show up at your house – or ballpark, as the case may be – with replacement glass and make it look like nothing happened.

Attaching a picture of the damaged vehicle, Schwarber tweeted, ”Hey @safelite can you help this guy out?”

“We can absolutely help him out!” came the reply. “Should we be ready to fix more outside the park tomorrow?”

Just another brick in the Schwarber legend.

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