Bill Snyder implores fans to stop vulgar KU chant

Bill Snyder’s reputation among those who follow college football is sterling, not only for his coaching prowess, but his class.

He routinely writes hand-written notes to incredible opposing players, and is a good person in general.

Last Saturday, he teamed up with the Kansas State band to attempt to stop a vulgar chant about Kansas, the Wildcats’ arch rival.

According to multiple reports, when vulgar epithets were chanted during the Kansas State band’s rendition of “Wabash Cannonball”, they stopped, and a pre-recorded video from Coach Snyder played.

Time will tell whether the chant is gone for good, but for now, at the very least those that use it know that they’re going against the will of Bill Snyder. Snyder is a genuinely good person, and there’s no telling how many lives he’s touched. If he asks you to do something politely, you’d better do it, for your own sake.

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