Bobby Petrino ‘hoping’ Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich will ‘be back’

With a blowout victory, the Louisville Cardinals football team was able to distract their fan base for a few hours away from the basketball scandal that shocked the university this week. But it resurfaced afterwards when the media asked football coach Bobby Petrino about Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich.

Petrino didn’t mince words, sharing how much Jurich means to him at both his job and in his personal life.

“I can’t say enough about what he has meant to me and my family,” Petrino said after beating Murray State on Saturday. “Besides being my boss he is a real close friend. So we are hoping he’ll be back.”

After an FBI indictment surfaced Tuesday, Louisville placed Jurich on paid leave. While the FBI indictment didn’t specifically mention the Cardinals basketball program, it did implicate Louisville, partnered with Adidas, for illegally paying a recruit. Basketball coach Rick Pitino was also ousted, as he was placed on unpaid administration leave.

Most believe, though, that Jurich and Pitino out on suspensions is merely a formality before officially firing them. But obviously, Petrino is holding out hope Louisville has a change of heart and at least keeps Jurich.

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