Fan Sound Off: South Carolina fans unhappy with Kurt Roper, play-calling

South Carolina led at the half and by 10 points in the third quarter Saturday in College Station, Texas, but Texas A&M turned up the intensity on both sides of the ball and rallied for a 24-17 victory.

After opening the season with a pair of wins, the Gamecocks have lost two of their last three and are 3-2 overall and 1-2 in the SEC. South Carolina fans are starting to get frustrated with the offense, specifically co-offensive coordinator Kurt Roper.

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Editor’s note: All comments are taken verbatim and only edited for spelling. 

Tim N Caycie Hunt:  We had our chances. We should have kept the pedal to the metal when we had a 10 point lead. If the O-line had been healthy, I think we would have won. Thanks to Spurrier’s last years, we lack quality depth at most positions. We need to give our coaching staff a chance. At least it was a loss to a talented A&M team instead of Troy.

Jamie Hendrix Jr:  Agree totally up 10, and we start playing conservative… Why?… Play to win.

Kevin Robinson:   Roper sucks. Pack it in for the half with a minute left? Run play on 3rd and 17? We could have won that game, but wasted several possessions.

Brandi Hall Burrows:   We can NEVER play two halves! Either the first half we are in it or the second half…. never both! Can’t win like that. 3rd and 17 and you run the ball??? Kurt Roper is an idiot!

Joshua Burdette:   I’m keeping my expectations small this season and for the foreseeable future. To sum it up, Carolina, just win one more game than last season. That’s all I’m hoping for these days.

Stan Thompson:  Muschamp plays too conservative. We could have been successful but why try and run the ball on each first down when it never works. If I know what they are going to do, believe me it’s not good. I’m very disgusted and have seen this over and over with a few good years in between.

Ken Snow:   We were the better team… but out OC is crap. I have had it with this coaching staff!!! We have talent just no coaching!!!! Muschamp… get RID of Roper or you WILL be looking for a job after next year!!!! Signed Disappointed fan!!

Bubba Munn:   Would be nice if we could beef up the offensive line. Poor Bentley took a beating tonight. 7-5 & a bowl bid would be nice.

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