Foster Moreau making compelling case to wear No. 18 for LSU

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Question of the Day: Wednesday, March 21

By now most LSU fans are aware that wide receiver Jonathan Giles will wear No. 7 for the Tigers next season. In recent years, 7 has become a thing at LSU, thanks to playmakers such as Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu and Leonard Fournette.

But you don’t need Count Von Count to remind you that 7 is not 18. The latter remains the most revered number in Tigerland, reserved for team leaders. Last year marked the first time that two players wore it — defensive end Christian LaCouture and fullback J.D. Moore.

E-mailer Steve Kinney wants to know who will take over the tradition from those departed seniors.

Alex, we’re all thrilled about Giles being awarded #7, but who is going to step up and claim #18?

If I were picking, it would be junior linebacker Devin White. However, White seemingly is set on making his own number, 40, become one of those digits LSU fans never forget. It will take some cajoling for him to switch.

With that established, my gaze turns in the direction of senior tight end Foster Moreau. Apropos of nothing, Moreau revealed on Tuesday that he has been reading up on leadership.

“I saw a really good quote, I think it was Jim Harbaugh,” Moreau said. ” ‘Talent gets you 8-9 wins. Discipline will get you 10-11. But leadership is what is supposed to push you the rest of the way to get that 13th, that 14th win.’ I think this team has some good leaders.”

Moreau also cited a book he recently read, The 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell.

“The bottom role is respect by position. You respect your boss because he is your boss,” Moreau said. “The top level is respect out of sheer amazement for what you have accomplished and I should respect you because you’re a great person and I should try to emulate what you do…

“That’s what we should try to get on this football team. Not just respect by position, because you’re the quarterback or signal caller. Or that you’re the head coach, even. But respect because you deserve it.”

In Moreau’s case, respect by position would be unusual. Tight ends typically aren’t leaders. There is precedent for it, though, with Richard Dickson wearing No. 18 from 2008-09. It’s also worth noting that LSU doesn’t have experienced senior leadership on offense outside of Moreau.

Orgeron may award No. 18 on both sides of the ball again this year. If that’s the case, expect Moreau to be one of them — and perhaps the only one.

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